Maui was such a land of contrasts.
It is basically and island consisting of 2 volcanoes
with a lush valley in between them.

We stayed on the West coast, and the beach next to the hotel was superb.

In our hotel they held a great Lu'au, which is a Hawaiian festival, including unlimited food and drink!

Part of the food is where a pig has been roasted in an underground oven (left).
It is then lifted out (right) and tastes delicious when served.

The town of Kona was just down the road.
It boasts another whaling ship, the "Carthaginian"
A giant Banyan tree
And another Chinese temple.

There are many excursions you can do, but we think we did the two best ones.

On the East coast is the "Road to Hana" which is 35 miles of hairpin bends and fantastic scenery,
with waterfalls at almost every turn.

A major highlight though was the Mountain Bike ride down from the summit
of Hale'akala at 10,000ft.

After a fantastic stay on Maui, we went on to the island of Kauai.