There is more to Oahu than Waikiki beach, at lot more!

Hilo Hattie's where they make the ubiquitous "Aloha" Shirts.

The Aloha Tower
Now with a shopping precint at the base, but very nicely done.

An old Whaling Ship, the "Falls of Clyde". You can go on board if you want.

Or newer boats moor there too. (In your dreams, Trish!)

Tropical fish swim all around.

The gates and fountains of Chinatown.

The oldest wooden Japanese Shinto Temple in the USA.

The gardens outside the Ala Moana Shopping Centre.
Nice to take your lunch there.

Take in a free hula show, usually at night in the shopping centres.

Or admire the nightly skyline from your hotel balcony!

To escape from the heat, go hiking in the hills.
That's what we did, and the photos can be seen here.

Or, learn about the Polynesian people at
The Polynesian Cultural Centre