I don't know why we went to Druskininkai. I think we both liked the idea of seeing a town on the border with Belarussia! Anyway, we are both pleased we made that decision.

As you get off at the bus station, the Tourist Information Office is upstairs and they were very friendly. We found a state run hotel which was very cheap for a massive room. The only problem was language but we got by with German and English!

Wandering around the old part of the town was magical with loads of old wooden buildings and churches like this one. Not a place for a late night though. The hotel bar was supposed to close at 11 but when we returned at 1030 it was already shut! Thankfully the excellent pizza place opposite was still open!!

The main reason for the town's existence is the mineral waters and Spa's. A lot of the hotels are health resorts, but we didn't try any of it out!

Instead, we took several walks.. The most memorable was the Path of the Sun which took us all around the forests and lakes. It was a very easy walk and the maps from the Tourist Information were very good.

The picture on the left is one of the old churches reflecting in the lake which is closest to the town centre. It was taken from just outside the Russian War Graves cemetry, a strange but moving thing to see.

Druskininkai is famous for it's healing waters and it's wooden buildings. In the forest on the outskirts of town is the Forestry Museum. Unfortunately it was closed but the carvings you can see from the outside make it look worth a visit if you are there at the right time.

When travelling by bus, make sure you get the right times well in advance. We were lucky and only had an hour to wait but if you are really unlucky, it could be 8 hours before the next one!

If you have to wait though, what could be better than sitting out in the sun with a cold beer from one of the Kavines which you find dotted around. They are rarely busy but a beer will set you back about 50p, and that could be for a litre bottle in the right place!


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