Petra was, quite simply, one of the most amazing sights I have ever seen.

We were lucky to arrive on a day when you could view Petra by night.
Highly recommended but the photos don't always come out!!

But during the day you walk down the siq.....

The SiqThe Siq

....... and see the Treasury through a gap. It's quite stunning.
It was also the site for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

The Treasury peers through a gap in the walls of the siqIndiana Jones territory

We did some climbing too. You could have taken a donkey but that would have been lazy (and cruel!)

View from high up in the hillsideThe Royal Tombs viewed from above

The easy way down (and up!)

There are various temples and monument carved into the rock.
The Lion Monument. (Anyone else think it resembles an elephant?!)
And a horse canters in front of the Obelisk Tomb.

The Lion MonumentObelisk Tomb

The colours in the rock are quite incredible.

Colours in the rock

And at the far end of the site it is a one hour climb up to the monastery.

Monastery carved in the rockLooking up. It's very tall!

From Petra we made our way to the Desert of Wadi Rum.