The Eastern Desert stretches all the way from Amman to the Iraqi border.

We only went about 100 kms into the desert!

Al Azraq is an Oasis town with what Lawrence of Arabia called the "Blue Fort"

Qasr Al Azraq - The Blue Fort

It was quite well preserved inside and plenty of rooms were available to escape from the sun!

Russ & Trish inside Qasr Al Azraq

Along the desert road you can stop to admire the wildlife and the views!

Camel by the side of the road!Bleak Desert View!

Inside Qasyr Amra there are some great frescoes. The camel stands out well!

Qasyr Amra

Qasyr Amra Frescoes

And Qasr Hraneh is impressive, but it's not as big as it looks and has a huge power station just a hundred yards away!

Qasr HranehInside Qasr Hraneh

Then it was back to Amman to relax before going to the Dead Sea.