Third year in a row in Borovets, Bulgaria

If you want to read more about Borovets,
go to Bulgariaski and have a browse.

Looking more professional?

A good, fun group to ski with

All (bar one) fall down!

Self portraits on a ski lift

Oh dear, drunken dancing!

A romantic gesture from Valentino to Mariana

The instructors ski show
Torchlight Procession

The infamous "69" with Mariana at the bottom

The best ski instructor in Borovets 2004!

Mariana took us to her home town of Samakov

On a grey and bleak day it didn't look at its best

The market was colourful
And the leeks show that the Welsh variety don't measure up!

But a new bar in Samakov showed how the future will be
and so much cheaper than Borovets too (and that was hardly expensive)

Presentation night. Mariana celebrates with her "professional skiers"

Views around Borovets

The ice sculptures outside the Hotel Bor