We had a fantastic timeonce again in Borovets, Bulgaria

If you want to read more about Borovets,
go to Bulgariaski and have a browse.

Plenty of snow on the slopes this year.

And the annoying cartoon characters were once again out in force,
but how could we NOT buy this photo?!

Trish got a silly hat for Christmas.

But I decided to go patriotic with my head wear!

Ready for action!

Some glorious views from the gondola on the way up.

On a couple of days it was a bit foggy at the top of the mountain.
(And -25 degrees with the windchill. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!)

But when the sun came out it was fantastic.

The views at the top were amazing.

This time we managed to get in the same ski group.
They were a great bunch to be with.

Thanks to George, Anna, Peter, Emily, Belinda, Tony, Trish, Russ

And very social too!

Even if Emily would only eat Pizza! But it WAS very good.

The instructor's ski show was excellent.
Shame the photos didn't come out too well!

All the girls loved a dance.

Our instructor, George, looked after us all the time!!

Some unusual furniture at the Hotel Iglika Palace.
Chairs made from Twiglets!