We all had a fantastic time in Borovets, Bulgaria

If you want to read more about Borovets,
go to Bulgariaski and have a browse.

Russ & Trish
Russ learned to ski and Trish picked up where she left off a few years ago.

Drinking!Drinking again!
We travelled with Darryll and Selina, and met Ann and Ruth from Liverpool, who were in the same hotel.

Ann, Selina & Russ

Russ, Selina and Ann were in a group which enjoyed stopping for adrink on the piste!

The only injury all week was "Nutty" Nick, a Greek studying at Durham University
Nick had an accident with a ski pole - if only he had listened to Krassi, our instructor!

Mad Hat
And Russ wore silly hats most of the time!

Ann succeeds in getting off the lift!
No problems getting off the lift for Ann (this time)!

Selina was a natural skier.

Enough snow?
There was plenty of snow for our level of skiing.

Selina Bungee
Selina went on a Bungee.

Darryll BungeeDarryll Bungee
So Darryll had to have a go too!

This is what is was all for!

Group presentation
We all got our diplomas. Here's Krassi's group featuring Russ, Selina and Ann.

Russ & Krassi
Russ was presented with his by Krassi.

Trish & Elli
Whilst Trish was with Elli.

Darryll & Elli
And of course, Darryll had a soft spot for Elli too!