RAF Gatow Re-union - Berlin 2003

Funnily enough, there was a lot of socialising and drinking going on!

Day One started with great promise.

Russ and Liz let the side down straight away!!

The Gala Dinner saw us all in our best togs.

Please leave the flags alone. Whoops!

After the ball is over!

Liz dances with John. ---- The "lady linguists" pose

and pose again.

Self-portraits are not my best!

"Pearl's a minger. She stands up when she plays the piano......."
Joe - WHY ?

Family photo.

Havel cruise. Was there a time when Liz didn't have abeer in her hand?

Farewell buffet. JP joins the "young ones" again!

How come "Mrs Jock" can look so cheerful at 4 o'clock in the morning?

Russ and Ian are still up from the night before and too lazy
to walk back from saying goodbye to the early bus!

Ian was a bad influence on me!

and them!!

Liz, I'm sure there's a story waiting to be told.....!

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