RAF Gatow Re-union - Berlin 2003

The Park Inn, Alexanderplatz. Nice choice.

With the Fernsehturm on the doorstep. We were even greeted with the infamous cross!

Brandenburg Gate

Inside the Reichstag, sorry, Bundestag.

And the Cupular on the top.

It was closed for cleaning so this was as close to going inside we could get.

Potsdam and the Sansoucci Palace.
Shame all the statues are removed for the winter.

The Chinese tea House in all its glory.
No chance of a cuppa though!

The New Palace basking in the sunshine.

One of the many lakes around Potsdam.

And one of the many follies. This time a pyramid in a Potsdam park.

Trish with a Hind at the Gatow Aviation Museum

And Russ with a Flogger.

This is NOT a picture of the Air Traffic Control tower.
It is a picture of RAF Gatow Station Headquarters.

4 Hanger at Gatow.

The Glineke Bridge.

Damned tourists getting in the way!

T-berg from the Havel.

The Soviet War Memorial

And a Russian tank, just for Joe!

Oberbaumbrucke. Another former East/West crossing point.

Mass Russian war graves in Trepto Park.

The Russian Memorial in Trepto Park

Inside the Memorial.

One of the many statues in the park.

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