Bergamo & Milan
September 2003

Bergamo is a beautiful town.
Trish and Russ flew from Cardiff and met up
with Liz and Joe who flew from Luton.

It was a bit hazy though, but I suppose the long hot summer was responsible!

Sunset wasn't bad though.

Up and down the hillside on the funicular!

Milan disappointed. The "Duomo" had the front facade covered.

But the side was rather nice, bet the front looks grand!

Even "La Scala" is being renovated.

But the covered arcade was nice.

The mime artist wasn't very good.
He kept stopping for a puff on his fag!

But Bergamo came a live on the Saturday night
with a free outdoor show.

And, of course, we did a bit of socialising too!

Where's Liz?

There she is!

Don't know what the Italians made of this game though!!