Easter 2005

We were able to go back to Dubai and spent a bit longer there this time.

Anyone know what the collective noun is for gazebos?
There might not be one but we were grateful for the shade they provided!

The Dubai World Cup horse racing was taking place so we went along for a look.
All over the place ornately decorated horses were on display to advertise the event.

Who needs to go to York or Ascot. This is FAR more glamourous!
(Even of we were in the FREE public enclosure!!)

We got to see Frankie Detori winning a race for the Sheik's Godolphin stables.

We went dune bashing in the desertsof Dubai.
As you can see, we were not alone!

But it was still possible to find a bit of sclusion for photos.

Afterwards we were treated to a show including some excellent belly dancing!
Trish managed to get a henna tattoo on her arm.

Then we got to dress up in traditional costumes!

It seems that Bollywood have discovered Dubai as they were filming by the creek.

We also took a trip to Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates.
The blend of old and new is stunning.

A giant UAE flag flutters over the modern creek.

And quite why these pictures of the sheiks is there, we never did find out.

But back in Dubai you can't beat an evening by the creek watching the world go by.


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