Weekend in Cork
June 2005

Cork itself wasn't the most charismatic city we have ever visited.
Nevertheless we had a great weekend (despite the weather) exploring the surrounding area.
We even had a successful night at the greyhound track, but cameras were not allowed!

A bright green postbox shows up well on a sky blue wall.

Jameson's distillery is nearby so we couldn't NOT visit!

It tastes fabulous but there's so much choice.

A short train journey took us to Cobh (Cove) also known as Queenstown

It has a tremendous shipping history and the heritage centre is well worth a visit.
The Titanic sailed from there, as did many ships sending settlers (and convicts) to other parts of the world.

Settlers went to New York, Australia and New Zealand amongst other places.

A trip to Cork isn't complete without a trip to Blarney Castle.

And whilst there you must kiss the Blarney Stone!

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