The Flying Squad
Wrexham 2004

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May 8th 2004
But it was not to be the last game of the season....
...the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff beckoned, and a Leon Knight penalty
saw off Bristol City! Promotion again!!

Before the game, everyone was happy and relaxed.
It was just a case of where we would finish and who we would play.

After the game, the eating and drinking began in earnest!

Paul Bravery gave another good speech!

Emily kept her Mum out of trouble!

Thanks Clare! Without you this wouldn't be happening.

Then, after the meal, the drinking carried on......

Canidian Seagulls out in force

It's all too much for some

Okay, so I don't feature too often.
There are enough unflattering pictures of me around so I thought,
as it's MY website, I'd have a decent one!

....and we drank well into the night.

West Country Nige's world famous sofa diving performance!


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