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Travelling Seagulls

Incorporating "Gwylanod Cymru" The Welsh Seagulls

A bit of SHITS history for you then:

The SHITS were formed when I lived in Southampton and Brighton were in exile in Gillingham.
At the time Doncaster Rovers were in serious trouble and I was asked to hold a banner outside their ground with some other Albion fans. These guys were Rob Martin and Stu Roberts (EFC Stoo).
We got chatting and they were from Guildford. After that game I used to travel up to Guildford where Rob then drove on to Gillingham.
A name was needed and Guiness provided the inspiration as the acronym was discovered!
I have since (not out of choice!) moved to Wales but I will always be a SHIT at heart!!
Even more recently we have moved to South America, but as we seem to be the only ones here, we haven't formed a group!
Still, here's how it was a few years ago. Any change? Probably!

Surrey & Hampshire Wales
in Guildford
Linda Evans in Guildford
in Guildford
in Egham
in Hook
Gordon Patterson in Walton on Thames
Tony Lowe (Spike) in Southampton
in Basingstoke
in Guildford
in Southampton
in Surrey
in Bridgend
Trish Pearce in Bridgend
in Chepstow