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Goldstone Challenge Trophy (FA Cup)

A cup competition will be run. Players may nominate a scorer (one only) from EITHER (not both) teams. The points scoring will be as per the league except any scorers from teams other than Brighton & Hove Albion (whether BHA are in the cup or not) will be worth only 2 points per goal. The match on which to predict will be the one involving Albion. Should Albion be eliminated before the final, the match on which to predict will be the one involving Albion's victors, then Albion's victor's victors and so on until the final. Only first matches count, no replays. The 90 minute score is considered as final for the purposes of this competition.

Whilst the Albion are still in the F.A. Cup, players are requested to quote BRIGHTON'S score first for both home and away matches in the body of the message: score, attendance, scorer in that order.

All players will be drawn on 'one to one' matches for the opening round (Round 3). The winners together with the highest scoring losers to make up thirty two players will go into the hat for the sixteen matches in Round 4. Tie breaks will be decided in the same way as the League matches and, if still tied, then by "closest to the attendance". However from the fourth round onwards, the closest to the actual attendance figure only will decide matches tied on overall points. Non league players may be allowed to enter the Cup competition for a fee of GBP10.

Should the Final result in a draw, there will be a “count back”. The player with the most number of points scored in Round 7 (semi final) will be the winner. Should there still be a tie, the player with the most points scored in Round 6 (quarter final) will be the winner and so on.


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