The Flying Squad

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Every year Albion fans from all over the world come to see the last game of the season.
We've seen some ups and downs, but whatever happens, we have a great time.


2018 Liverpool Away
2017 Aston Villa Away (Promotion Wake!)
2016 Middlesbrough Away AGAIN! (Absolute Heartbreak)
2015 Middlesbrough Away
2014 Forest Away (We STILL hate Palace!)
2013 Wolves Home (WE HATE PALACE!)
2012 Barnsley Away (Consolidation)
2011 Notts County Away (Champions !!!)
2010 Yeovil Home (Mid-Table!)
2009 Stockport Home (Survival!!!)
2008 Swansea Home (So close!)
2007 Cheltenham Away. (Mid-Table!)
2006 Stoke at Home. (Relegation Party)
2005 Ipswich at Home! (Survival!!)
2004 Wrexham (Pre-play-off Party)
Grimsby Town (Relegation Party)
Port Vale (Div 2 Champions!)
Shrewsbury (Div 3 Champions!)